Anal & Vaginal Sex Machine Series Hismith Love Machine with 3 Dildos

Anal & Vaginal Sex Machine Series Hismith Love Machine with 3 Dildos


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You're about to experience the most powerful penetrations, poundings and orgasms!

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145CM Top Quality

Full Silicone Japanese Real Love Doll

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Hismith Premium

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Hismith Premium

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Hismith Premium

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Anal & Vaginal

You're about to experience the most powerful penetrations, poundings and orgasms! Only for this...

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Data sheet

Thrusting Speed 0-240 Strokes /Min
Stroke Length 1.2-6 inches (3-15 cm)
Noise at Full Speed 40 dB
Input 110-240 V
Output 120 W
Package Measures 18.4 × 10.2 × 17.7 inches (46.8 × 26.0 × 44.9 cm)
Weight 32 Pounds (14.5 kg)
Package Including 1 × Hismith Premium Sex Machine
1 × Wired-controller
1 × 30 cm Extension Rod
1 × Spring Attachments
1 × Vac-U-Lock Adapter
1 × Flesh Silicone Anal Dildo
1 × 8" Flesh Silicone Realistic Dildo
1 × 9.8" Flesh Silicone Big Dildo

More info

Sex Machine Details

Super power: 0-240 RPM, adjusted easily and precisely by the remote controller

Up to 1.2-6 inches (3-15 cm) stroke length, customized through screwing the knobs

Comes with 4 different styles of dildos made of premium and skin-friendly material, very valuable

Includes an extension rod and a spring attachment for special use, easier to fit more positions

Powerful Motor

The core brush motor, with ling life span and high efficiency, provides enduable and unstoppable thrust you never experienced.

Angle Adjustable

No matter what position you like, doggy style, mossionary or standing position, this machine will attain it with its 360° rotatal adjustment system.

Long Stroke Length

Unlike other awkward products on the market, this machine has an adjustable and long stroke length from 3 to 15 cm, and can be easily adjusted via a screw knob.

Sturdy foundation

Two solod T-frame adds additional 4+ kg to the machine, making it stands firm and steady and grip the ground better

Precise Speed Controller

Advancing electrical controlling system, will let you adjust the speed from 0 to 240 strokes per minute smoothly and precisely.

Very Quiet

Consisting of new motor and sliding system, make at most 50 dB noise at full speed. So enjoy your private time with abandon.

Attachments in Package:

Huge Silicone Dildo
Length: 9.8 inches (25 cm)
Insertable Length: 6.8 inches (17.3 cm)
Width: 2.1 inches (5.2 cm)

Realistic Silicone Dildo
Length: 8 inches (20.3 cm)
Insertable: 6 inches (15.24 cm)
Width: 1.6 inches (4 cm)

Silicone Anal Dildo
Length: 16 cm
Insertable Length: 13 cm
Width: 3.5 cm

Spring Attachment
Length: 14.5 cm
It makes dildos more flexible
Compatible with quick connector

Vac-U-Lock Adapter
Length: 12 cm
Designed for attaching Vac-U-Lock Dildos
Compatible with quick connector

30 cm Extension Rod
Designed for sex machine extension
Compatible with quick connector



Just as pictured, arrived on time, great service. The Premium Sex Machine performed better then expected, great workmanship, quiet operation, simple to set up, plenty of adjustments. Very happy with the purchase.

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wife loves this machine

Being married 28 years I bought this to add some hot spice in our marriage. I'm happy I did my wife loves it as she plays with me. Thanks F machine and My Hsmith!

Get product. She'll love you for it.

It should be 4 1/2 star rating but they only allow a 4 or 5. Quiet and functional. Just a few little things would make it a 5 and I can take care of those items pretty easy.

LOVE this machine

LOVE this machine! All of the toys are perfect and so soft, but firm.

Very sturdy, very quiet, very powerful

They gave me exactly what I wanted in a speedy matter and I absolutely love the boxing! It's adorable!! Love them so much! Will absolutely order from them again!!

100% satisfied

I will definitely order from them again in the future. The ordering was simple, website was easy to navigate and product was shipped earlier than promised. Very happy

Five Stars

Its really incredible best investment I ever made I though it is pricey you get every dime spent back on it this machine has great power and speed I am most happy with it. I began using it as soon as I opened it if you purchase this machine you wont regret it a bit its rather small the legs are solid stainless steel the main body is of aluminum the construction is very well done which gives it some weight but you will have to anchor it down its that powerful I definitely would recommend it. get the suction cup adapter and the Vac loc adapter and the extension tube.

Good product

Would recommend/buy again, wife seems to enjoy it, solid build.

Good product

Would recommend/buy again, wife seems to enjoy it, solid build.

Great machine

Nice and easy to use and lightweight so very portable. Brilliant range of angles and speeds, excellent choice for my first sex machine. I love the vac-u-lock system and this machine together, makes it simple, quick and easy to use and I get so much pleasure from the different attachments I use.


Best ever toy I have - BUY IT it's amazing !

For the price it's a really good buy!

I got it today. The display box was covered by a normal plain brown box. The motor isn't super strong but if you use a smaller toy on the end its fine, the thrust distance is adjustable (great!) and so is the angle. For the price it's a really good buy! Today is my first day owning it so I don't know how long the motor will last AND it is VERY quiet.

Totally amazing

Totally amazing. My girlfriend an her friend got a good work out from it then it was my turn. Yes, getting pegged by this machine and performing with them was great. Can't wait to see what else is next with the new addition to our sex life.

This thing fucking rocks!!!!

This thing fucking rocks!!!! It fucked me so hard I just had to keep going. I love getting fucked!!! It's still fucking me right now. It feels so fucking good. It hasn't stopped fucking me since I got it. I love this fucking thing. OMG!! I'm even fucking cumming on it!! It also works to fucking suck on it. Especially after you fucking cum on it. It tastes so fucking good!

my wife enjoys the machine

my wife enjoys the machine so fucking much she can just get on her knees and open that pussy and take a good long fuckin she now likes to be on the machine and have a couple of cocks to play with the machine got her going so good one day that the 2 cocks she had in her mouth were getting sucked so hard there was plenty of room and the machine was just banging her ass we pulled out of her mouth and came all over her face and she started to fuck that machine even harder while she iis swolling cum she cant gget enough she loves getting her pussy banged while she can still do other cocks and pussys it is so hot to watch her fuck that machine and eat a nice juicy pussy at the same time she loves it she gets so much more im sorry ive got to go she needs my cock inher mouth while she gets drove with the machine i dont know if she going to ever get off the machine bi bi.............

Just received it, Wow!!!

I straped my hubby subby in and he was blind folded he didnt know what it was unti he felt it inside of him.His but began to move it began to move and i laughed and said you like it dont you, he started moning as it fucked him to orgasm he began saying harder.i turned it to its max hight and left him there while i went out to dinner.i came back 3 hours later and offered to get him out and he said no he has been down there for about a total of seven hours now and still dont want to come out.

This sex machine surprised me!

My mistresses surprised me by strapping me into this machine and sliding the dildo up inside me. I was blindfolded so I couldn't see what was going on. The she started it up slow and steady, then brought in five of her friends for me to suck off. I had to suck off each guy three times, and once I'd made it through each man once she turned up the speed, and maxed it out for the final round. It was so hard to concentrate on the cocks as the machine rammed me good. The she left me in it for a couple hours while she went out. God, it was awesome and I came five times.

Get one

i was strapped to one of these about six weeks ago and am still getting over it. i have been looking for one ever since and will add one to my playroom today! The control and sensations are the best that you can hope for.

we both love it


Mind blowing performance and great customer service

Outstanding addition to our bedroom and capable of pounding nonstop for as long as you want, even with larger attachments. Absolutely able to rock your world and blow your mind.

Outstanding customer service as well. Like some other reviewers ours developed a problem with the control box (speed would jump around randomly even when no one was touching the controls). I contacted the seller and received confirmation next day that a replacement was on the way.

Easy to put together

Easy to put together, included adapters work great. Haven't tried the vac-u-lock adapter yet. Only thing no adapter for suction cup dildos. I went to local hardware store and for about $8 made one that works ok, Jeff Stryker stayed in place and it was great. Will have to try a metal face instead of a plastic one which might be a better surface for the suction cup to grip. Other thing I didn't like was were the power cord connected the beam got in the way and the controller pulls out of the USB port if you get moving around too much. Overall I would say if you can afford it this is an excellent product for your bedroom escapades.

all i say is wow

All I can say is the machine has ploughed through my minge and my mind!!!i can't wait to introduce the plow to my anus and partner. I scream so loud that I'm scared the neighbours are gonna complain. I've never had my pussy so wet, it's not only hard and fast but deeply satisfying. My only complaint is that it does not include heavy duty restraints or a gag.

this machine is great.

this machine is great. I have had it for several months and I have put it through a daily workout. needs some weights put on the legs but still the best purchase I have made.

OMG worth every cent

OMG worth every cent, I wish I purchased this before I wasted years of money on toys that couldn't do what this did for me. Strongly recommend that you buy this.

omg it's amazing

First machine,fast delivery,great price..omg it's amazing.

High quality

VERY well made, quiet, and powerful. The packaging is top notch as well. Do not be afraid to buy this one. And the best part is it works well! My girlfriend had rubber legs and a dazed look on her face the next hour after using

Not cheaply made, almost completely silent!

It's awesome alone, or with your partner.
We're both bi, so this takes care of us when we need!

ultra quite

Awesome product and not to expensive

Very well built machine

I bought this machine for my wife of 28 years because for personal reasons I cannot penetrate my wife. Last night was the second time we used the machine. First off I want to say how well built the machine seems to be. I was surprised of the weight when we first got it. The first time we had no issues at all. We maxed out the speed. Last night how ever the machine seemed to slow down a little bit by itself. Not exactly sure why, I don't think anything accidentally touched the controller. But anyway when this happened I just sped the motor up again and it seemed to be fine. It will probably be 2 or 3 weeks before we use it again due to our schedules but I will see if it slows down again by itself or not. Over all I am not disappointed. In my opinion this machine is well worth it. I purchased the more expensive upgraded machine. I researched a few different machines before making up my mind to buy this one. The main reason I decided on this machine is because of all of the high ratings for their customer service department. So I do recommend to everyone to purchase it. I do not think that you will be disappointed at all. It is a very well built machine and the speed is powerful but not overly powerful were it will hurt you.

It’s a lot of fun wife enjoys it.

This is going to be a great addition to the toy collection. We have a sybian and so far think this is more fun to control on my wife. Makes things less complicated than having another individual in relationship. Packaging was good nothing out of place.

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Anal & Vaginal Sex Machine Series Hismith Love Machine with 3 Dildos

Anal & Vaginal Sex Machine Series Hismith Love Machine with 3 Dildos

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