How to Use and Maintain a Hismith Premium Sex Machine?


  1. About Hismith
  2. Assembly
  3. Precautions
  4. Extensions
  5. Maintainance
  6. Troubleshoot
  7. Repair

About Hismith:

There is no doubt that Hismith, a China based Company, is a rising star in sex toys, more precisely in fucking machines. Sometimes when we talk about Chinese goods, we always think of broken English, cheap garbage, inefficient communication and very long delivery time.

But Hismith really changed my mind about Chinese goods, no, Chinese brands!

They have their own factory, designers, developers and mature and responsive customer service. As far as we know, they even have local warehouses in North America and Europe. So you don't have to worry about delivery speed at all.

Hismith Premium Sex Machine (HS06 series) is Hismith’s flagship product with the best quality, the best performance and the most sales. So I personally bought and used a machine and collected information everywhere to write this manual. BTW, thank Hismith for letting me use their images and videos on my website.


The machine was delivered with a bunch of loose parts in a black nylon bag. It’s perfectly placed in the cut shock-absorbing foam so it is still intact after long international shipments.

The package contains:

  • 1 * main machine
  • 2 * long solid galvanized steel pipe + 2 * short solid galvanized steel pipe + 2 * metal clips, these parts make up the two T-bar that support the machine.
  • 1 * 6mm Allen wrench
  • 1 * AC/DC power supply
  • 1 * wired controller + 1 * remote
  • 1 * thrusting rod
  • 1 * 8” silicone dildo
  • 6 * non-slip cover

Next is how to assemble the machine:

Step 1. Assemble the T-bars

Get one piece of long pipe, short pipe and metal clip, connect them in a "T" shape. Tighten the screw and get the first T-bar. Repeat to get the second. Don't put non-slip covers on the long pipes.

Step 2. Make the machine stand up

Loosen the height adjustment clamps on the left and right sides of the machine, insert the long pipes without a cap into the holes. Tighten the clamps and make the machine stand up. Put non-slip covers on the long pipes.

Step 3. Install the thrusting bar

Loosen the right butterfly screw but don’t remove it, insert the thrusting bar from the left side of the machine into the hole on the sliding block. Turn it clockwise until tight and tighten the butterfly screw.

Step 4. Install a dildo

Insert the metal end of the dildo into the female connector of the thrusting bar. You will hear a crisp metal crash. When you push the sleeve on the female end back, the dildo will be uninstalled. This so-called Kliclok system is easy to use and stops the dildo from spinning while it works. Great innovation!

Step 5. Adjust the height and angle

Release the height adjustment clamps and adjust the height to meet your preferred position and tighten them. You can mark the height you like with a marker.

Step 6. Adjust the stroke length

Loosen the left butterfly screw but don’t remove it, move the screw to adjust the stroke length from 1.2 to 6 inches.

Step 7. Connect power and controller

Make sure the controller is off, the speed is 0. And insert the ends of controller and power supply into corresponding holes on the back of the machine. Insert the plug on the power supply into the socket. You will see blue light on the power supply. Turn the controller on, you will see red light. Turn the knob to start the machine. Use the knob, remote or Hismith APP to control the speed. Regarding the Hismith APP, there will also be a manual.

The machine will not move when the speed is under 15.

Congratulations, you have become a beginner player of a sex machine!


1. Don't adjust the stroke length when the machine is working. 

2. Make sure that all screws are tightened before using the machine.

3. For better experience, use some water based lube.

4. When you are using it, increase the speed from 0 gradually to avoid unexpected harm.

5. Do not wrap cables around the machine. You can use cable ties to secure the cables where they won't touch the mechanical moving parts.

6. The motor and cable box are not waterproof. The machine should be used and stored in a dry environment.


For more functions and better experience, Hismith designed various adapters, extensions and dildos.

If you have your own vac-u-lock or suction cup dildos and want use them on Hismith sex machine, you can purchase a vac-u-lock adapter or suction cup adapter.

If you have to put the machine on the floor but want to enjoy pleasure on your bed, I recommend a Hismith extension rod.

If the standard 8” dildo can’t satisfy you, there are bunches of large and weird things waiting for you.

I will write another guide for Hismith attachments. There will be how to use them, applicable scenarios and some videos or images I have collected.


Despite good quality, Hismith premium machines still require proper maintenance by the user.

1. Keep it dry, both for the machine itself and the environment in which it is stored or used. Prolonged humidity may cause circuit failure, rust on metal surfaces or even electric shock, etc.

2. Please let it rest for minutes after single use for more than 30 minutes, this is the best care for the motor.

3. The height adjustment clamps on both sides of the machine are wearing parts, make sure they are not over tight when you are adjusting the height. Please contact us if it is broken.

4. Oil every 3 months. Any high temperature wheel bearing grease is OK, you can search for the keyword high temperature wheel bearing grease on Amazon. Mobil Polyrex EM motor bearing grease is recommended.


1. The machine does not work.

a) Check the blue light on the power supply before connecting it to the machine. If the light is constant, it’s OK.

b) Connect the power supply with the machine, check the light to troubleshoot the main  machine.

c) Connect the controller to the machine, turn it on and adjust the speed and keep an eye out for changes in lights. When the lights are blinking, The problem is most likely the mechanical structure of the machine rather than the circuit. If the lights are constant or off, the controller is faulty.

d) Release the left butterfly screw and get the connecting rod apart from the rotating arm, you get a unloaded motor. Test it and use your hand to push and pull the sliding block to feel its friction. If you find the motor is normally but there’s too much friction and you have oiled it recently, the sliding block is faulty without a doubt.

e) If you can’t find the problem after doing these, please send us a video with as much detail as possible.

2. It makes noise.

The noise of the machine is usually generated by these parts

a) The connection between the motor and rotating arm, where there are two hex screws (2 mm and 4 mm). Make sure they are tightened, if it doesn’t stop the noise from this part, please contact us.

b) The sliding block. Get the left butterfly screw out of the rotating arm and pull and push the sliding block with your hand..

c) The motor. Get the left butterfly screw out of the rotating arm and turn the machine on and check the motor. Try to stop the rotating arm with your hand.

d) If you can’t find the problem after doing these, please send us a video with as much detail as possible.

3. The thrusting rod can’t be installed

Please make sure the right butterfly screw has been loosened before installing the thrusting rod. If it doesn’t work, take a photo of the screw thread in the rod and contact us.

4. For other issues you can easily troubleshoot, take a photo or video and contact us.

5. In the event of a situation other than the above, please send us an email and attach your order ID and a video to show the details.


1. If any part is broken, please take a photo or video and contact us. Repairs may be free or chargeable depending on the actual situation.

2. Replace the motor: there will be a Motor Replacement Guide with texts, images and videos for you.

3. Replace the sliding block: there will be a Sliding Block Replacement Guide with texts, images and videos for you.

4. Butterfly screw: The structures of the two butterfly screws are different and kind of complex. The order of washers on the screws will affect the performance and noise of the machine. If you take them apart but can't restore them, please contact us.