We offer cancellations so long as the cancellation request is received by email within 30 minutes after purchase. We may not process the cancellation immediately, but so long as the request was made no later than 30 minutes after purchase, it will be honored. The payment will be refunded in a working day.

If the package is not opened and is returned due to rejection, we will charge 30% of the order value as the cost of double shipping and warehouse handling.

We reserve the right to cancel your customer account and refuse all future orders if we suspect you are abusing our cancelation policy to "hold" items for yourself or others.


Due to the nature of the product we do not accept returns for reasons including but not limited to:

  • Wrong size/firmness/model/colors ordered by the customer (We provide extensive details in each listing. It's up to you to read the listing details provided and know what is correct for your body and tastes)
  • Buyer's Remorse (Please purchase responsibly)
  • Items that are lost, stolen, or damaged after receipt.
  • Items that are lost, stolen or damaged by our shipping carrier (USPS). See our shipping policy for help filing claims.
  • Items sold as flops.

Returns will not be accepted for the following items: Sex machines and accessories, dildos, vibrators, masturbation cups and sex dolls.

Refunds/discounts may be possible on a case by case basis for manufacturing issues that were undocumented at the time of the sale, and will be offered entirely at our discretion. We will not refund items sold as a flop, as the flaws have been noted in the listing and it is your responsibility to read the listing.

Removing your item from/tampering with the items original packaging can void our ability to discount/refund your purchase

We reserve the right to cancel and refund any orders we feel may be suspicious. Additionally, we reserve the right to ban users from patronizing our shop at any time.

Use of any software, automated tools, or bots that interact with our site in any way is prohibited. Any party found using such tools is subject to being banned from patronizing our shop.

Special note about returned items: Returned items will not be re-sold.

All policies above are subject to change, at our discretion.