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Kliclok, Quick Air and 3XLR

Different connecting system of Hismith sex machines and attachments

There are three types of connectors on Hismith: Kliclok, Quick Air and 3XLR, which sometimes make Hismith customers confused. So we are going to introduce them here.

1. Quick air
How to use it?
It’s convenient to use. Just insert the male side into the female side to connect and press the sleeve around the female side to disconnect.

When we designed first generation Hismith premium sex machine, we used Quick Air connecting system. However after some customers complaint about the rotation of attachments, we decided to take all of them off the shelf with Klicklok attachments and have done most. 

2. Kliclok
This connecting system was totally designed and owned by us. It consists of three parts:
Female Kliclok end on sex machine’s thrusting bar or some adaptors.
Removable part of male-Kliclok & screw, so you can use dildos as suction cup ones.
Built-in rod with screw.
It’s same to use it as Quick Air connector.
And Kliclok is more steady than quick air due to its eight-square design, it keeps accessories in position and never rotating. 

3. 3XLR Connector
3XLR that we use on Hismith basic sex machines was found on professional audio at first. It’s easy to use and kind of fragile but enough for light 3XLR accessories.

4. Adapters