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    Hismith Premium 4.0 Sex Machine with Modular Design & Motor LED Light
    Hismith Premium 4.0 Sex Machine with Modular Design & Motor LED Light
    Hismith Premium 4.0 Sex Machine with Modular Design & Motor LED Light
    Hismith Premium 4.0 Sex Machine with Modular Design & Motor LED Light
    Hismith Premium 4.0 Sex Machine with Modular Design & Motor LED Light
    Hismith Premium 4.0 Sex Machine with Modular Design & Motor LED Light

    Hismith Premium 4.0 Sex Machine with Modular Design & Motor LED Light

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    • 100W TURBINE MOTOR: Updated motor featured with higher torque for the same power, with LED light, the color of the light varies with the speed.
    • CREATING PATTERNS AND PROGRAMMABLE: Program your own settings and get what exactly what you want. Also, you can share your mode/programme in community.
    • COMMUNITY COMMUNICATION: Through Hismith app, you can share your experience in community, of course, you can make new friends, chatting, sharing etc.
    • 2.5 INCHES DIGITAL DISPLAY: Accurate display of the machine's real-time operating speed, find your pleasure value in one step.
    • MODULAR ASSEMBLY METHOD: Extremely easy to update your hardware without any tool. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a new stand if you want to get the latest technological updates.
    • 2 IN 1 CONTROL MODE: You can control your machine with control box or Hismith APP on your smart phone, the app has integrated sound control, vibration control, and built-in modes. Of course, you can use the modes shared by other users.
    • TECHNOLOGY EMPOWERMENT: Hismith's IT guys are always developing new features, constantly updated software for better custom modes, and community play.
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    Hismith 4.0 Sex Machine - Modular Design with KlicLok System, APP Long Distance Controllable & LCD Display Screen Wired Control for Thrusting Action & Enhanced Experience!

    This is a fantastic machine! Speed, power, flexibility, stability, quality is granted with this one! It really pushes you over the edge! You will love the Bluetooth app. Well made, powerful, versatile. The app allows you to use a rhythm that varies, instead of a monotonous steady rhythm. You'll love it.

    The machine itself is truly outstanding. It's as quiet as advertised and the power to slam large objects home at an outstanding rate makes it a very worthwhile investment. The ease of various adjustments means you don't even have time to catch your breath when you want to change positions or "attachments".

    GREAT positioning - You can position this ANY way you want for your max comfort and sexual pleasure. Highly recommend this to any adventurous souls who want to take the plunge into the wonderful world of machines!


    • Thrusting Speed: 0-267 strokes per minute
    • Stroke Length: 1.2-6 inches (3-15 cm)
    • Control Mode: APP-Controlled / Wired Digital Display Control
    • Noise at Full Speed: 40 dB
    • Input: 110-240 V
    • Motor Power: 100 W
    • Connector Type: KlicLok connector
    • Package Measures: 18.4 × 10.2 × 17.7 inches (46.8 × 26.0 × 44.9 cm)
    • Weight: 24.58 pounds (11.150 kg)

    Package Including:

    • 1 x Hismith 4.0 Sex Machine
    • 1 x Power Supply
    • 1 x Wired Digital Display Controller
    • 1 x 7.1" Liquid Silicone Dildo
    • 1 x M2 Allen Wrench
    • 1 x M5 Allen Wrench
    • 1 x Water-Proof Portable Canvas Bag
    • 1 x Dust Cover

    Data sheet

    24.58 lb (11.150 kg)
    110-240 V
    0-267 strokes per minute
    Stroke Length
    1.2" - 6" (3cm - 15cm)
    20-40 dB
    KlicLok connector

    Specific References

    alan M03/27/2024
    Verified Purchase
    Can't get enough of it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was worried about buying a new machine as i bought one a few years ago and dumped it after a few months £700 wasted. I made my up and spent months researching the best machines and went for this one after having a chat with customer care she was an absolute diamond.I would highly recommend this machine good sturdy legs and very easy on the ears,I have mastered the speed and position for the hand's free orgasm and it gave me my first pee/cum at the same time never felt anything like it.I'm staying single for the rest of my days and love not having to hide it away I'm very happy with it and it was money well spent.

      Verified Purchase
      A true piece of machinery

      This is NOT a lightweight machine, which is really a good thing. It’s held pretty sturdy on my bed without sandbags or supporting the legs or anything. The assembly takes a little time, but I did it in about 15 mins without reading the instructions… so easy enough. Every pole and piece of this machine is solid. Definitely feels like good quality. I love that I can control it with my remote or wirelessly through my phone’s Bluetooth. You can also share the link for remote play which is nice. Stay tuned for more details after I FULLY try and it out and I’ll let you know the personal touches. But my impression so far is that I’d highly recommend.

        Verified Purchase
        Just what the Dr. ordered.

        Great quality. Comes in a beautiful travel bag. Easy to assemble. Very quiet. Neighbors can't hear it in use. Satisfied after my first session . Just what the doctor ordered. Lol

          Verified Purchase
          5 stars, just buy it

          Don’t mind the giggling, just found it funny the way it was moving in the video. So review for the sex machine, I’d say 10/10 very discreet packaging. The bag that it comes with is amazing, everything has a perfectly formed slot for it to sit in. Is pretty heavy weight metal not cheaply made; at all, works very easily, also instructions are pretty well explained, is very fast but also goes so smoothly slow. Ngl I O’d in 1min. There are so many attachments you can get for this, definitely pleasurable for men and women! It’s not overly huge either so if you want something you can easily put away and take back out, this is it. Pair this with a magic wand and it’s go time baby, big O’s and wet sheets, and super fun times with your partner if you have one! Single and need some action?? Screw it!! Let it screw you till you scream and cream. Definitely recommend if this is a fantasy of yours or if your just too damn lazy to use a dildo by yourself anymore, cause I bought this for both of those things, let your freaky self thrive and buy the damn thing!

            L SMITH09/14/2023
            Verified Purchase
            Hismith makes the best machines by far

            I’ve owned quite a few machines over the years and none have come close to this one. The ability to connect to it via Bluetooth from an app anyone can control is definitely the best feature. So if you do live streaming or have a partner that travels or lives far away you can still have an intimate relationship when their not close. The new controller is very nice as well. For those that do stream or just record videos, it will show your audience just how fast your running. Don’t hesitate on this one. You won’t regret it.

              J W09/14/2023
              Verified Purchase

              When the machine was delivered, I did have some issues with the remote not working. They had to send me two new replacement remotes and those also didn’t work. But they were extremely helpful in getting the situation figured out. So they sent me a whole new box and a new remote and it’s been working like a dream. I love this thing. It has a ton of different speeds to choose from. You will not regret buying this. It is by far the best “toy” I’ve ever used. Amazing. And in time, if it should ever breakdown after the warranty, I will be repurchasing. It’s a great piece to my collection. The star of the show, really lol.

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                Suction Cup Adapter for Hismith Kliclok Sex Machine (M/L)

                Hismith Premium 4.0 Sex Machine with Modular Design & Motor LED Light

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