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Hismith Complete Buying Guide to Sex Machines: Side-by-Side Comparison

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So, you’re intrigued by the idea of getting a sex machine but have some questions you want answered first.

In addition to feeling excited, you might feel a bit intimidated at the novelty that awaits you and the sheer number of choices you have.

But what are the benefits of choosing sex machines in a sea of adult toy options? And how do you know which one is best for your specific needs?

Don’t worry!

By the end of this guide, you’ll know all you need to know about these marvelous devices.

hismith popular sex machines

Premium sex machine HS06Hismith Pro Traveler HS18Cheap Sex Machine STOY0430Premium sex machine HS06Hismith Pro Traveler HS18Hismith Pro Traveler HS18Hismith Pro Traveler HS18

Table of Contents

1. What exactly is a sex machine?

2. What benefits can a sex machine offer?

3. Things to think about when buying

4. Side-by-side comparison of sex machines at Hismith

5. Find the best one for you

#1 - Best Bang for the Buck: Hismith Professional Sex Machine

#2 - Portable Sex Machine: Hismith Pro Traveler

#3 - Budget Pick: Hismith Basic Sex Machine

6. Some tips of using a sex machine

What is a Sex Machine?

A sex machine is a mechanical device used to simulate human sexual intercourse or other sexual activity.

Devices can be penetrative or extractive. The term fucking machine is generally used to describe a penetrative machine which works by the transfer of rotational or reciprocating force from a motor to a directional motion on a shaft tipped by a dildo.

Most types of sex machines come with interchangeable attachments or a connective section that you can add different attachments to.

For this reason, they work for both men and women as you can attach many types of toys.

The Benefits of Using a Fuck Machine

What are the benefits of using a sex machine over just masturbating with your hands or having sex with a partner?

Let’s look at a few advantages below:

Getting to Know Yourself Sexually

Masturbation allows you to gain intimate knowledge about what turns you on. Not to mention that it’s a healthy habit to have!

While it’s possible to get this without a love machine, having a versatile toy with different settings and options opens up a whole new world of pleasure to you.

And the best part?

Increased sexual knowledge can improve your confidence. And, as you find out exactly what you like, you’ll be able to communicate it better to your partner.

Convenience and Control

While sex with a partner is great and there’s no substitute for it, sometimes you just want to get off without the extra steps that come with actual intercourse.

A sex machine gives you the option to do this any time (and in any way) you want.

You can control the points of pressure, speeds, thrusting styles, and more, depending on the model. It’s undeniably convenient to have this much control over your sexual experiences.

Greater Relationship Satisfaction

As I mentioned before, when you use toys by yourself, you’ll gain a greater understanding of what brings you the most pleasure.

Being able to communicate these needs to your partner will enable a stronger connection. And sex machines can be very arousing to watch your partner use, further adding to the satisfaction between you two.

In long-term relationships, the spark can go out as you and your significant other get used to each other. Introducing one of these products to the mix can revive your passion for each other.

Less Risk

Some people want sexual pleasure but don’t have the time to form a relationship. And others just don’t want to take the risks that come with having a partner.

With a sex machine, you can have a realistic sexual experience without the risk of heartache or contracting STDs. And for women, there’s no pregnancy risk to worry about.

Makes Long Distance Easier

Long distance relationships are difficult, as anyone who has ever been in one already knows.

But you don’t have to miss out on fulfilling erotic fun just because your partner is far away.

With a sex machine, you can have a satisfying and pleasurable experience, even if your lover is across the country (or ocean). It could even add a nicer view to your long-distance Skype sessions.

Practice for Sexual Encounters

If you’re not very experienced with sex, you may want an option for practicing before trying the real thing.

Here’s the deal:

Love machines offer a more realistic experience than simply using a dildo, since they provide the motion. With this type of device, you can close your eyes and get lost in realistic sensations.

This makes them a good option for gaining sexual experience before having your first encounter.

As with any other purchase, there are a number of factors to keep in mind before buying a sex machine.

Here are a Few Things to Think about:

DIY vs. Ready to Use?

When you’re shopping for a sex machine, you’ll soon notice that many models require building before you can use them. If you enjoy putting stuff together, a DIY model could suit you well. Click here to buy Hismith DIY sex machine bundle with motor, controller and power box.

However, for other people, setup might be an extra hassle. So, before you choose a model, make sure it’s the right kind!

Build and Material Quality

When you’re using something in your delicate genital area, it’s important that the materials are safe.

Generally speaking, non-porous materials are best for insertable toys. Porous sex toys can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria if you aren’t meticulously careful.

For the portion of the machine that will be coming into contact with your genitals, choose something nonporous like silicone.

As far as the rest of the machine, reading user reviews is a good way to get an idea of build quality.

Sex machines aren’t very cheap, so you’ll want to read reports to see how long you can expect yours to last.


Some sex machines come with a piston-like device that you can add various attachments to, meaning you can switch it out if you feel like using something different.

Other options, like some types of saddle sex machines, come with the rideable portion as a non-removable part of the design.


If you think you might want a variety of experiences, make sure you get one that allows for versatility. Reading the product description is the best way to find this information.

Motor and Thrusting Power

These machines come in many different varieties, though each is meant to simulate sex in a particular style. Before you choose a product, look at the penetration depth it’s capable of.

You’ll also want to check whether or not it vibrates and how many setting options there are. While some customers might want a machine with tons of variety, others will be fine with a simpler design.

Your Budget

Sex machines are definitely among the most expensive toys you can get. While there are some cheaper models available, you’ll likely be making a sizable investment when you buy yours.


Think about what you’re willing to spend. Once you have a number in mind, you’ll narrow down your options for the best machine to buy.

Discretion and Storage

Would you rather be discreet about your adult toys? Do you have enough room in your closet for your sex machine?

These are a couple questions you’ll need to consider when it comes to privacy regarding your machine. While some are compact and easy to hide, others are heavier and larger.

Another issue to consider with discretion is noise. Watch out how much noise a machine makes before you buy.

Return Policy

When you’re making a big investment, knowing the company’s return policy is a good idea. If your product ends up different than expected or defective in some way, you’ll need to know how to get a refund.

Side-by-Side Comparison of Sex Machines at Hismith

Use promo code HISMITH20 to save 20% in limited time!

Side-by-side comparison chart of sex machines at Hismith

What Are The Best Fucking Sex Machines Out There?

Maybe you have a headache with the parameters and numbers in the table above, so let me introduce our machines one-by-one

#1 - Hismith Premium Thrusting Sex Machine HS06

Key Features:

Sturdy Foundation: Two solid T-bars add more than 4 kg of weight to the machine, allowing the machine to stand firmly and stably and better grip the ground

Super Power: The professional machine motor is durable and powerful, as wild as you can imagine, and never stops because of resistance. Core strength takes you to the highest point.

Very Quiet: The maximum noise of the machine is below 50 dB. Only your groans are more likely to be heard instead of Hismith sex machine, so enjoy your private time with abandon.

Long Stroke Length: Unlike other cheap and awkward products on the market, this machine has a long and adjustable stroke length from 1.2 to 6 inches (3 to 15 cm), and can be easily adjusted with a screw knob.

Angle and Height Adjustable: This machine is easy to fit all sex positions without any tool. You can adjust the angle and height to hit your spots perfectly and the machine is easy to put together, use, and take apart to store.

Precise Speed Controller: The speed of hismith premium sex machine is easy to adjust, ranging from 0 to 240 RPM, smooth and precise. It has a wired+remote control version HS06-RM which is £40 more expensive than wired control version.

Additional Gifts: It comes with a 8” realistic medical grade silicone dildo which is and a portable bag which are just suitable for the machine.

More add-ons available: HS06 is of eight-square Kliclok connecting system which is updated from Quick Air connector, to avoid rotation when working. Hismith also design, manufacture and sell massive attachments for machines, dildos in different size and shape, fleshlights for male masturbation, extension rods for better use and adapters for being compatible with other types of dildos.

This video will show how it works:


Powerful enough to take you to the high point

The 6” stroke length offers real experience

Easy to adjust to meet your favorite sex position

High quality built, lasting and durable


Bit of expensive, but still the best bang for the buck

Too heavy to take it around through it comes with a portable bag

Updated Versions:

Remote Control Version: HS06-REMOTE £439.99

Different Color Version: £499.99 (Luxury Golden, Noble Purple, Elgenece Red, Venecian Blue)

Bundles with Hismith popular attachments at deducted price. Every bundle comes with several popular attachments to save your money and time spent selecting attachments by yourself

Customer Reviews:

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Good solid build quality, silent operation

Worth the money.

Worth it

#2 - Budget Pick - Hismith Pro Traveler HS18

Key Features:

Hismith Pro Traveler is hands-free with it's suction cup being stable on most good surfaces. Floor, solid wooden chair, tables all work great.

The motor power 24W is not great but good enough. Powered by 12V/2A DC Supply, it has 3 Speeds and 8 Frequencies and stroking speed of up to 150 times/min.

It comes in a exquisite and appropriate box which includes a remote controller and 6.8” silicone dildo. Pro Traveler is of Hismith original Kliclok connecting system so other Hismith dildos and masturbators also fits to it

You can change the angle from 0 to 120 degree by adjusting knob to enjoy countless position possibilities.


Portable design for taking around

High quality for being used for many years

Affordable price when comparing with HS06

Hands-free with strong suction cup and remote control

Versatile because of being compatible massive replaceable attachments


1.8” stroke length, 24W output power, 150 strokes per minute, it’s good enough for beginners but not great for the experienced.

This video will show how it works:

Customer Reviews:

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Good solid build quality, silent operation

Worth the money.

Worth it

#3 - Basic Sex Machine at Low Price STOY0430

Key Features:

0-48W, 12-24V DC, 180 thrusts/minute, 2.4” (6 cm) stroke length, pretty good performance for beginners and skilled hands.

Extreme low price that won’t break the bank.

The angle is also easy to adjust from 0 to 90 degree so it’s suitable for many sex positions.

It would grip smooth surfaces well and be stable when working with its four removable suction cups

Hismith also have many replaceable 3XLR attachments - dildos, masturbation cups and adapters - compatible with sex machines of 3XLR connecting system.


Not quiet, quite noisy at full speed.

It’s not of high quality but worthy the money, and Hismith stands behind it by providing 1 year warranty. Please avoid violent collision and prolonged use

It’s not heavy enough for keeping stable at full speed, but four strong suction cups make up for this shortcoming.

We have not proper decent bag or box for it. It comes in a normal corrugated box.

Hismith 3XLR attachments are mostly made of PVC instead of silicone so you’d better use a condom for insertion. Besides, you can also use premium silicone dildos if having a 3XLR-to-Kliclok adapter or suction cup dildo holder.

This video will show how it works:

Customer Reviews:

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Good solid build quality, silent operation

Worth the money.

Worth it

#4 - Quadruple Penetration Fucking Machine C0636

Key Features:

Yes, it is a premium sex machine for two persons to experience double penetration at the same time. You can use it for vagina or anus or both. Also, couples and homosexual can use it together, Hismith supply male masturbation cup and anal dilos for gentleman.

The motor is updated from HS06’s motor but more powerful than it. So Hismith Quadruple Penetrator is strong and steady enough to hold up to 4 dildos simultaneously.

It provides customizable modes for lots of fun, 1-0(solo play), 1-1, 2-2 and etc..

Comparison between HS06 and C0636:

Customer Reviews:

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Good solid build quality, silent operation

Worth the money.

Worth it

#5 - Updated Basic Sex Machine STOY0594

This updated basic sex machine is partially made of metal so it’s heavier, steadier and more stable than STOY0430. Besides, it has more compact structure and makes lower noise. And they have same motor, also most of main parameters.

This video will show how it works:

Customer Reviews:

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Good solid build quality, silent operation

Worth the money.

Worth it

#6 - Metal Cannon, Remote Control Thrusting Sex Machine C0634

To be honest, it just can’t compare to HS06 in every aspect despite spending same money.

It has awkward structure to store and not long stroke length, just 1.8”. Normal adjustability, the angle can be adjusted from 0 to 90 degree but the range of height adjustment is not satisfying.

But it’s more stable because of lower center of gravity and as powerful as Hismith Premium sex machine.

Cannon is of Quick Air connector, fits to quick air attachments directly and Kliclok attachments indirectly with an adapter.

Tips on How to Use a Sex Machine:

Use Lubes

Fucking machines are very satisfying because they are a bit quicker than a human being. A fucking machine can operate with a speed of up to four strokes in one second. Now, it’s very important to note that your pussy is not designed to handle these speed on its own. You will, therefore, need to have some lubes to protect your pussy from friction.


When riding your virtual dick, you will have to focus your mind on the intense simulation that you will be feeling. This is because fucking machines are made to give you a sensation that you have never felt before. To ensure that you enjoy your session, you will have to focus. You can try blindfolding yourself in order to focus.

Use Stable Surfaces

Stability is very important when using your fucking machine. Your fucking machine should be put on a surface that is firm and level. When operating your fucking machine, the forces it will generate as its wheels spin will produce some movements. The fucking machine will thus walk along the surface that you have placed it on. The surface you place it on should be flat if you want to avoid uneven movements.

Remember the Angle

When you find the right angles for the positions, put marks on the stands for quicker future setup.

Hygiene is Important

Just like any other sex toy, your fucking machine should always be kept clean. Immediately after you are done using it, make sure you clean it so that it will be ready for your next session. Anything that gets inside you should always be clean.

Keep Calm

When enjoying the ride, ensure that you keep calm. Fucking machines are made to thrust on a fixed path. You should, therefore, avoid making any sudden movement while you are on a ride. Sometimes if you make movements, the dildo can slip out of your pussy. The dildo could also slip out and go into the wrong orifice.

Size is Everything

Before switching on your fucking machine, you should make sure that the dildo you have selected is the right size. Never choose a dildo size that you know you cannot take. If you select a size that is too big to handle, you won’t enjoy the session.